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XIV Convegno sul Cineturismo| Piluca Querol (Malaga Film Commission)

piluca querolPiluca Querol, Direttore dell’Andalusia Film Commission ha affermato: “Individuare i siti da valorizzare e collegarli tra loro è molto importante per creare percorsi da intraprendere. Ciò è stato fatto in onore dei film di Sergio Leone o per il recente ‘Callas for Ever’ di Zeffirelli, e le ricadute sono state molto interessanti.”






In 2006 me and Carlos Rosado wrote a book called “Movie Tourism, a new promotional strategy” , where we explained some European Experiences.
That’s what we wrote about:
Ischia International Film-Tourism Exchange, BICT (Borsa Internazionale del Cineturismo)
In 2005 the first Borsa Internazionale del Cineturismo was held in the Italian island of Ischia. This new initiative stems from an agreement between Milan’s BICT and Ischia Film Festival.The aim of this market is to provide a meeting point where functions, conferences and workshops give professionals in the sector the chance to discuss and exchange information, without overlooking the intention of making business based in the experiences of tour operators and experts from all over the world. Managers are convinced that audiovisual production can be a decisive element for the promotion of the tourist and cultural industry apart from its economic side.
During the festival, a prize is awarded to the film that has best given value to an Italian or European location turning it into a tourist destination.
United Kingdom
The international promotion strategy of VisitBritain, dependent of the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport, gives notable importance to the promotion of Great Britain as film location as well as to attracting the increasing number of tourists who wish to follow in the steps of their favourite stars in the country. Ten years after we have to congratulate both initiatives, it’s not easy to any project to survive after 10 years, what it’s clear is that where bright ideas, well conceived projects. Now, we can talk about our initiatives, initiatives from Andalucía Film Commission […]


[28 giugno 2016 - Ischia, Castello Aragonese]

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